Calling All Outdoor Enthusiasts

We are a “start-up” company that is focused on enabling and inspiring individuals to engage in outdoor activities that encourage personal growth through outdoor experiences that challenge the mind, body and spirit. “It’s not just a hammock, it’s a way of Life”. My hope is with your help, New Oak Life can show real people doing real things inspiring our audience to connect outdoors, and share their own adventures…regardless of whether they are a New Oak Life customer or not.

An ideal New Oak Life Ambassador needs to be “real” to the New Oak Life community. Show us how, where, and why you use our products. Share better ways to use New Oak Life products and events or outings that can be copied by our customers to increase their own outdoor adventure experience.

If you accept our offer to be one of only ten New Oak Life Ambassadors, you will receive:

  • A free Combo Set of the New Oak Life Hammock which includes: Double Hammock (color of your choice), set of 10’ tree straps (triple stitched with 42 loops combined loops), 2 sets of steel carabiners, and a set of New Oak Life 12kn aluminum wire gate carabiners.
  • Facebook / Instagram exposure for your efforts pursuing blogging, photography, and personal adventure.
  • As New Oak Life moves away from the “start-up” phase considerations will also be made for compensation for Web cover shots and product advertising slicks. Contests may also be constructed to compensate most number of clicks for content sharing and most conversions that were influenced by content.

New Oak Life Ambassador Requirements:

  • We would expect one (1) outdoor excursion per month for 4 months that are supported with multiple photos and at least 1 video provided to us with context for social media. These can be e-mailed to . New Oak Life is a definitely “Southern Fried” and we like it that way, so to keep things in perspective we would like to focus your contributions on locations in the South to build a niche community. Moss covered oaks, coastal marsh, beach, lakes, rivers, Appalachian Trail (any Southern Trail known or unknown). Hunting, Paddling and fishing of any sort is great as well.
  • Monthly posting of New Oak Life related photos, videos or boomerangs to an Ambassador’s own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts while tagging @NewOakLife and a Location TAG to areas such as State Park, Hotel, Destination, etc.


If this program is of interest to you please respond by contacting me at with your mailing address and contact details so we can mail you your FREE New Oak Life Hammock Combo “Starter Set”.