Our Story

I founded New Oak Life in April 2016. It wasn’t started with ambitions of creating a Fortune 500 company, I simply created it to give myself an outlet that would combine over 35 years of my entrepreneurial background with my southern heritage and enjoyment of all things adventuresome.

Over 35 years of bruising entrepreneurial ventures has taken its toll on family, friends, and particularly myself. 10 in commercial construction, 20 years in women's fashion, marketing, design and 8 years in manufacturing. Each successful in its own right, but each demanding an ever increasing amount of time and energy becoming a distraction to all things meaningful…like family, friends, and...my sanity.

I am southern, if this were a video and you heard my accent you would agree. I can’t deny it and frankly wouldn’t. Growing up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and now living on a small island off the coast of Georgia I recognize I have been blessed. Combine that with family lines that extend to before the revolutionary war I find myself with a sense that this portion of our great country is mine, although many live here.

The South is a playground that has an adventure within minutes of most cities (depending on traffic) and sometimes the city itself is the adventure (Charleston, Savannah, New Orleans, and others). Adventures that get you off the sofa where you sit watching “whatever” as if in a trance and move you to plan another. Break the trance friend, get out of the house and live a New Oak Life.

Over the years I've learned that if you give your best, pursue the best, and incorporate the best in your life you'll soon be rewarded by the best, followed by the best and a better you than you were yesterday. So that’s where I started the business concept as it is mixed with my desire for adventure and giving to others the best products I could find in the market, and I've been at it awhile.

We are a small company and you will likely speak to me when you call or write. Our products are centered on the outdoor life and an outdoor image. I like to thing of our store as a Sophisticated Southerner. I couldn’t think of a better place to start again with my own personal New Oak Life adventure.